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MathML generated by MathToWeb
A MathML example displaying the AMS-Latex pairing delimiters \langle and \rangle.
The commands \left and \right instruct Latex and MathToWeb to automatically size the delimiters to properly encompass whatever expression they enclose.

p 2 m = r V ( r ) $\left\langle \frac{\mathbf{p}^2}{m} \right\rangle =
   \langle \mathbf{r} \boldsymbol{\cdot} \boldsymbol{\nabla} V(r) \rangle$   

<math xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1998/Math/MathML">
	<mfrac linethickness="1">
				<mi mathvariant="bold">p</mi>
	<mo maxsize="1.00 em">&lang;</mo>
	<mi mathvariant="bold">r</mi>
	<mo mathvariant="bold">&sdot;</mo>
	<mo mathvariant="bold">&nabla;</mo>
		<mo maxsize="1.00 em">(</mo>
		<mo maxsize="1.00 em">)</mo>
	<mo maxsize="1.00 em">&rang;</mo>