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Open Source download the Java source code...

MathToWeb is open source software licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (version 3 - or, at your option, any later version) as published by the Free Software Foundation (see, and you may redistribute and/or modify it under these terms.

Download the Java source code for MathToWeb
Choose whatever compression format you are comfortable with (.tar.gz or .zip).

* Latest release: ver. 4.0.0
  revised August 17, 2015  <<< Latest revision
>>> MathToWeb_Source_Version_400_CL.tar.gz
(ver. 4.0.0, 850.4 KB )
(ver. 4.0.0, 878.0 KB )

The main file, containing all the conversion code, is: Source/mathtoweb/engine/
(see the directory structure below)

Note: As of version 4.0.0, MathToWeb is a pure command-line program, with no
GUI (Graphical User Interface) option, as was the case in prior versions.

Compiling the Java source code:

The compressed source file (download it above) contains two directories, Source and Class (see the figure below), that are important with regard to compilation. After decompressing the file, you should see a directory structure that resembles the following:

In order to compile the source code, some sort of jdk (java development kit) will need to be installed on your system.
For example, if you run Ubuntu, openjdk-7-jdk  (the OpenJDK Development Kit), available from the Ubuntu Software Centre, will work perfectly.

  1. At the command-line, make Source your current directory.
  2. Compile the source, placing the resulting *.class files in the Class directory javac -d ./../Class ./mathtoweb/engine/*.java
    (on a Windows machine, use \ for directory separators)
  3. Make Class your current directory
  4. Test the compilation: java mathtoweb.engine.MathToWeb -about
  5. Create an executable JAR (named mathtoweb.jar) in the current directoryjar -cmf ./mathtoweb/engine/mathtoweb_manifest.txt ./mathtoweb/engine/mathtoweb.jar mathtoweb/engine/*.*
  6. Test the JAR: java -jar mathtoweb.jar -about

I have included a shell script in the Extras/ directory called It can be used (at the command-line) to compile and sign the MathToWeb source code, all by way of a single command:  >  ./
(it is assumed has been copied to the Source/ directory, and that the current directory is also Source/). This file will have to be modified slightly to suit the reality of the directory structure on your computer.
(If you are on Windows, you will have to convert this script to a batch file.)