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Convert LaTeX to MathML
Generate MathML from LaTeX with this free, open source authoring tool
LaTeX to MathML converter

This site requires a browser that can effectively render presentation MathML.
(If you know of a browser and/or plug-in that is MathML-friendly, please drop me a line, I will be happy to list it.)

MathToWeb is a free authoring tool that converts mathematical expressions written in AMS-Latex to presentation MathML. It allows the author to write web pages in XHTML (just a strict form of HTML) containing equations in LaTeX rather than MathML, the former being considerably easier to read and write. MathToWeb can be applied to single equations or entire documents containing many hundreds of equations.

In December 2009, MathToWeb became available Online (see MathToWeb [online]). Unlike the downloadable (application) variants, the online one contains an input editor rather than just a 'file chooser'. LaTeX can be pasted directly into this editor (or typed in manually) and converted directly. The generated MathML is displayed in a separate text-area where is can be copied and used for its intended purpose. In addition, the MathML is rendered in a frame to the right of the conversion applet, which allows for the immediate visual evaluation of any particular LaTeX->MathML conversion.

* Note: If you are using the online variant, it is advisable to have the latest Java Runtime Environment (1.6+) installed on your computer.

The program can also be downloaded, (there are both Command-line and Graphical variants available) and since it was written using the Java SDK, the resulting executable JAR (mathtoweb.jar) should run on any operating platform. There is also a standard installation available to Windows users.

Below is an image containing some of the example equations found in the MathToWeb User's Guide. These were copied directly from Firefox, where they were displayed as MathML. This is the only image displaying mathematics that you will see on this site. From this point on, all mathematical expressions will be rendered as MathML - the User's Guide is 100% MathML.

Note: If your browser is not capable of rendering MathML, you will get errors (or your browser may just hang) in moving about this site.

Note to Firefox users:  If you are seeing numerous square boxes (they look like this:     ) in the User's Guide, it means your MathML fonts are not up to date.   They can be updated here:  Firefox MathML fonts.
If you are using an up-to-date version of Firefix (3.0+), see the Mozilla 1.9, STIX (BETA) FONTS at the above link.

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