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Download MathToWeb 4.0.0  - Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows, ...

Minimum System Requirements (all operating systems):
(It is recommended that your system meet or exceed the following requirements.)

Installation of the Java software is essential before running MathToWeb.  It is neccessary for all operating systems.

" Note:   Due to user feedback, version 4.0.0 was revised extensively in the months following its initial release in August 2013. The final revisions were published Jan 16, 2014.

Other small (but important) alterations made after the 'final revisions':
August 17, 2015   <<< Latest revisions

* If you downloaded MathToWeb ver 4.0.0 before the latter of these dates, we advise you to please download again. A relatively large number of important corrections were written after the initial release.


Linux, Unix & Other Operating Systems:

This downloads the command-line variant of MathToWeb in the form of a cross-platform executable Java Archive file (or JAR file).

* Your download manager may attempt to 'Open' this file. Choose 'Save' instead.
* Depending on your operating system, you may have to change the permissions on the downloaded file (mathtoweb.jar) to 755 (-rwxr-xr-x) in order that it can be executed as a program.
    (For example, on Linux you would use the following command:    >  chmod 755 mathtoweb.jar.)

If you would rather use the GUI (Graphical User Interface) variant of MathToWeb, please see MathToWeb [online].
(mathtoweb.jar,  225.0 KB - Download Time < 3 sec.)
Download:  MathToWeb 4.0.0 (Command-line)
  • Place  mathtoweb.jar  in the same directory as the text file you wish to convert from LaTeX to MathML.
  • Run the program by typing:   java -jar mathtoweb.jar   <your text file>   MathToWeb will create a separate file containing your converted text.
    To include flags in the above command, do something similar to the following:   java -jar mathtoweb.jar  -unicode -vf   <your text file>
    (The two flags -unicode and -vf are shown here, but any number of them can be included, and there are quite a few to choose from - see -help below for a list.)
  • For more information on command-line options:   java -jar mathtoweb.jar -help

Windows users  This command-line program will work for you as well.