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Download MathToWeb 4.0.0  - Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows, ...

Minimum System Requirements (all operating systems):
(It is recommended that your system meet or exceed the following requirements.)

One must install the Java software before running MathToWeb.  It is neccessary for all operating systems.

Note:   Version 4.0.0 was revised extensively in the months following its initial release in August 2013 - due to user feedback. The final revisions were published Jan 16, 2014, followed by a small (but important) alteration made March 14, 2014. If you downloaded MathToWeb ver 4.0.0 before the latter of these dates, we advise you to download again, as a relatively large number of important corrections were written after the initial release.


Linux, Unix & Other Operating Systems:

This downloads the command-line variant of MathToWeb in the form of a cross-platform executable Java Archive file (or JAR file).
Note: Your download manager may attempt to 'Open' this file. Choose 'Save' instead.

If you would rather use the GUI (Graphical User Interface) variant of MathToWeb, please see MathToWeb [online].
(mathtoweb.jar,  221.0 KB - Download Time < 3 sec.)
Download:  MathToWeb 4.0.0 (Command-line)
  • Place  mathtoweb.jar  in the same directory as the text file you wish to convert from LaTeX to MathML.
  • Run the program by typing:   java -jar mathtoweb.jar   <your text file>   MathToWeb will create a separate file containing your converted text.
    To include flags in the above command, do something similar to the following:   java -jar mathtoweb.jar  -unicode -vf   <your text file>
    (The two flags -unicode and -vf are shown here, but any number of them can be included, and there are quite a few to choose from - see -help below for a list.)
  • For more information on command-line options:   java -jar mathtoweb.jar -help

Windows users  This command-line program will work for you as well.