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Browsers / MathML browser support for MathML...

Unfortunately, not all browsers support the rendering of MathML. This situation is slowly improving, but one must be aware that, if your web pages contain MathML, there will be a proportion of visitors to your site that will not be able to read it.   A summary of browser support is below.

Common browsers and their support of MathML

Firefox  (full support for MathML) (users must install the MathML fonts).   This browser renders MathML extremely well.

IE   (support for MathML in the form of the MathPlayer plug-in).  

Amaya  (full support for MathML).  This browser renders MathML very well.

Safari   (the Nightly Build of Safari based on Webkit now has capabilities for rendering MathML.) The report I received from Paul Windey (thank you Paul) describes the development work on this browser as follows (June 2011):
"Not quite where Firefox 5 is but most things are quite readable. Accent placements is deficient and fancy things like Euler Fraktur fonts produce errors. Otherwise well worth a try."

Google Chrome  (full support for MathML as of version 23)
Thank you Simon Vandel Sillesen for reporting this (November 2012).

Other XML/XHTML/HTML rendering engines capable of rendering MathML


(Do you know of a browser or rendering engine capable of rendering MathML?  Please drop me a line, I'll be happy to list it.)